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Voltage input



  • Jenna Miller

    Hi Trevor, 


    This is being addressed in a ticket.

  • zülal


    i have slice mikro(base slice and accel slice).

    So when i take a look sliceware's datasheet, it says that power must remain connected.

    Can this device run without power? or Do we need to buy a lithium ion battery?

    And also Is this device suitable for transportation application?

  • Kate Martin

    Hello and thank you for your question.

    The Slice Micro system does indeed need external power to run as it has no onboard battery. The Slice buyers guide helps you to configure a system with everything you need ..

    If you are after a fully stand alone, self contained data logger have you considered the TSR product ?

    Is the Slice Micro suitable for a transportation application ? Well that depends on the scope of that, as the system has to be powered at all times otherwise if will not record the event, it can sample down to 5Hz if needed and has 16GB of memory to store the data - so sample rate, number of channels, what will be connected to those channels, and recording duration all need to be considered to see what external battery will be required and if there is enough memory available. The TSR may well be a better product fit in this type of application.

    I hope that helps

    Thank you




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