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IRIG-B and NMEA/1PPS Plotting from Analog Channel Capture



  • Kate Martin

    Hi Ariel

    Last time I was in Seal Beach you also did a demo showing reading NMEA data into DIAdem but I'm not remembering what that was specifically about  ? Can you remind me please.


    Thank you


  • Ariel Muckenhirn


    I don't have a demo reading NMEA directly into DIADem, as I do not have a copy.  However, the utility for the GPS Accessory Kit produces several files capable of being read into a number of applications that can plot that data -- DIADem included.

    The presentation I gave at the meeting can be found here.  All of the Customer Release Files are here and the User's Manual contains information about file formats and loading produced files into visualization applications.  You can take a look at the test examples included in the Customer Release files to get an idea of how each is formatted.

    As for this utility, the generated files are not the same as for the GPS Accessory Kit -- they are close, but not exact, as there is additional data being provided (IRIG-B).  I can edit this utility to make them very similar, but it will take time.  This matlab utility is designed to be a temporary 'work-around' that allows a user to get the information in at least some way that makes sense to them.

    Thank you,



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