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  • Jeff Schaefer

    Good morning DTS customer support and technical service. 

    I'm requesting a digital copy(s) of the   "Calibration and Test Report" for the following equipment owned by Sandia National Laboratory (SNL) in Albuquerque New Mexico. Any help to recover the misplaced information will be helpful. Equipment serial number(s) are as follows. Thank you, Jeff Schaefer  S.N.L.   

    SPE00312, SPE00342, SPE00343

    SPS00607, SPS00608, SPS00609, SPS00610, SPS00708

  • James Falasco
    Landing gear may not be able to retract due to ice. As the wheel gets colder condensation freezes and builds up on the tire structure making retraction difficult. Or potentially the tire has heated on landing and then resting on the asphalt tarmac in 100 degree plus heat after landing the tire expands. As the aircraft tries  to takeoff the wheels retract but cant fit in the opening. 
    Has DTS ever been used to record data from any type of sensor such as strain gauge,RTD or thermocouple that would determine the impact of the environment and determine what operational envelope would work 
    To conduct uneventful takeoff and landing. 
  • Alok Anand

    Dear Sir,

    I am not able to verify my email id "". During reverification process ,always system is sending verification mail on wrong email id. which is highlighted in below screenshot. Request you to kindly send reverification on my correct  email id ""



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