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SLICEWare - Backup and Restore Sensor Database and Settings


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  • John Griffin

    I'd like to please request that Sensor Models be implemented and required as part of the Backup option in future versions of SLICEWare (i.e. include Model.SensorDB.xml). This is useful for setting up a database on one computer and then merging that database with another using the Merge XML tool.

    It appears that this is currently possible by navigating to the SLICEWare\1.08.XXXX directory and copying the Model.SensorDB.xml along with the other backup files. However, I plan to use the Backup option frequently, so including all necessary files to duplicate the sensor database in its entirety (Data.SensorDB.xml, Calibration.SensorDB.xml, and Model.SensorDB.xml) would be very helpful.


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