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User's Manual - SLICE PRO Trigger Distributor (TDM)



  • Patrick Puzzuto

    Q: Will a level trigger on a SLICE PRO SIM initiate the trigger output of the TDM?

    A: Any EVENT input to a controller (ECM or USB) or a level trigger on a module (SPS), will pass through the SLICE PRO Chain and initiate the TRIGGER OUTPUTS of the TDM.

  • Yi Cheng

    About programmable event signal,

    Could these 6 CHs be individual setup as several square waves, and able to set up the frequency; duration; voltage?

  • Travis Ralston

    The Trigger Distributor cannot work as a function generator:

    1. The frequency and timing is fixed as described on page 5 "Trigger Outputs"
    2. The voltage can only be 0 to 5V or 5 to 0V as described in Appendix "A" page 10.
    3. The digital outputs of the SLICE PRO TOM can be set to individual delays and durations.  The output types are the same as the Trigger Distributor.

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