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SLICEWare and DataPRO Binary Data MATLAB Import Function



  • Steve Moss

    Can you clarify how zeroing is handled and the data is imported unfiltered?

  • Paul Harder

    This is great!  In the link below, I have adapted this function to batch convert binary dts data files to binary mat files.  I have also made a few modifications to my personal preference, including the exporting of a downsampled data preview. 

  • Paul Harder

    And Steve, to answer your question, I have found this function to be equivalent to exporting an UNFILTERED csv file from the data tab in sliceware.

    ***99% of readers can stop reading here***

    With that said, I did notice two (unimportant) differences:

    1.  Sliceware's csv export gives me one more data point at the end of the file.  I can't imagine anybody caring about this.

    2.  Sliceware's csv export has fewer significant digits.  This is relatively insignificant and .  For example, a data point from this csv file is 5.527232000000000, whereas the same data point from the binary converted mat file is 5.527231503749619.  This difference is only on the order of 10^-7, so it's hard to imagine a scenario where this error is greater than the bit resolution of the hardware anyways.


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