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DTS Software Gain Calculations


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  • Jared Koser

    How does DataPRO handle gain settings with non-linear sensors? For these sensors, it looks like "Sensitivity" is defaulted to 1.0000, but this doesn't give an accurate representation of how maximum values would be found. Does DataPRO use the non-linear calibration factor instead of sensitivity in these cases?

    I'm specifically asking because IR-TRACCs are non-linear and our data collection with them seems to be limited to a range of only a couple mV despite 5V excitation being applied. We have seen the same issue with non-linear seatbelt loadcells. For those we had a linear sensitivity we could use instead for the purpose of setting gain and then we applied the non-linear calibration manually to the raw mV signal. We don't have a linear sensitivity to input for the IR-TRACCs.


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