Limited Release DataPRO v1.5.252




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    Kate Martin

    I don't think that in a real world telling a customer sorry but you can't migrate your database is a good solution. For sure most of my customers are on a central SQL platform so will be unaffected, but there are some running locally.

    We must have a one off migration tool that can be run please to make this easier than having to export and import sensor DB's and test setups.

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    Chris Balogh


    I understand your concerns. This is a limited release that is not meant to be used by customers with existing databases. This was the intent from the start of development.


    The next build of DataPRO 1.6 will have a migration tool from local SQL Lite to SQL Express. We will likely not port this back to 1.5 as 1.5 is a one-off build.

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    Kate Martin

    Ok I understand. In which case that is fine.

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